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The Best Remodeling Contractors in Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon is an excellent place for new and small businesses to grow. It is a well-rounded city with many shopping, dining, and retail options, with museums and art galleries. Its public library is the oldest on the West Coast. Portland is an excellent place for young families, professionals, and business owners to settle down.

Here is a list of the twelve best remodeling contractors in Portland, Oregon, to help you get started with your home improvement projects. The skills, experience, and past projects of these impressive firms were used to select them.

Neil Kelly Inc.

804 N. Alberta, Portland, OR 97217

Neil Kelly is an excellent contractor that has earned a well-deserved reputation through its award-winning designs, inventive methods, excellent craftsmanship, and involvement in the community. Since its inception in 1947, the firm has earned an impressive portfolio and a solid track record of happy homeowners by delivering exceptional design/build projects, which include custom homes, energy efficiency, home improvement, handyman services, and more. No matter the project’s size, scope, or complexity, the firm’s team of expert designers and craftspeople is committed to helping each client realize their visions. With over 70 years of extensive experience, the firm has consistently strived to improve its processes by putting people and the environment ahead of making money.

Project by Neil Kelly Inc.

One of the firm’s notable projects is the Industrial Loft Kitchen & Master. This condo unit was built in 1996. The firm had to build a new kitchen with the same footprint as the old one. Its design and choice of materials work well with the building’s history and add warmth and a rustic charm to the sleek and sophisticated space.

Craftsman Design and Renovation

837 S.E. 27th Ave., Portland, OR 97214

Craftsman Design and Renovation has been in business for 26 years and has delivered exceptional projects in Portland and its neighboring areas. Since its inception in 1996, the firm has offered extensive design-build services and an impressive portfolio that testifies its quality and skill. Over the years, the firm built many strong relationships with its stakeholders, ensuring a smooth, seamless, and collaborative design and project delivery. It is also committed to completing good projects for the environment by designing and constructing new spaces that are seamlessly integrated into the existing building.

Project by Craftsmans Design and Renovation

The 1913 Hawthorne Kitchen Renovation is a perfect example of the firm’s impressive works. This kitchen, built in 1913, went through a significant change so that it could be used by a young couple with a growing family. Moving the basement door and rearranging the appliances to make a peninsula gives the client more counter space, storage, light, and easy flow.

Mountainwood Homes

8324 S.W. Nimbus Ave., Beaverton, OR 97008

Since its inception in 2008, Mountain Wood Homes has completed many residential projects in the Portland and Southwest Washington areas. The firm is backed by a team of award-winning craftsmen, interior designers, and project managers dedicated to delivering exceptional projects that consistently exceed expectations. Its long relationships with a professional network of trade partners and its integrated, collaborative approach allow the firm to give its clients the best services possible. The firm’s one-stop-shop solution lets it manage all the details and make the building process easy and stress-free.

Project by Mountainwood Homes

This Portland Kitchen Remodel offers a simple modern design. The clients bought an old house in the Skyline Heights neighborhood. They wanted to update the space into a design that reflects their personalities. The floor plan of the 1967 daylight ranch home was broken up, with many rooms of different sizes right next to each other. The kitchen, dining, and family rooms were combined into one big room to maximize the space and enhance the flow from one area to another.

Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes

17428 S.W. Ferry Rd., Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes has been in business since 1990. With 32 years in the business, the firm has remained committed to its goal of building unique homes that reflect each client’s vision, personality, and way of life. The firm offers a rich history, starting in custom woodworking and finishing carpentry before adding design-build services. Whether it is remodeling a single room or building a luxury home from the ground up, the firm is committed to giving its clients a good return on their investment by using the best materials and finishes. By consistently going above and beyond what clients expect, the firm has built a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

Project by Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes

This Contemporary Whole House Renovation in Portland is a testament to the firm’s quality and professionalism. This single-level home from the 1980s had a kitchen, a room with great views, and a master bedroom on the main floor. However, the room was extremely outdated, and the homeowners also wanted a cleaner, more modern look. For this, the firm incorporated clean-lined cabinetry, waterfall granite counters, dark maple hardwood flooring in the central part, and a spa-like master bathroom with a luxury steam shower.

Cooper Design Build

720 N.E. Flanders St. Suite #200, Portland, OR 97232

Cooper Design Build has been dedicated to its reputation as a “Master Builder,” which is a centuries-old term for someone who does both design and construction. With 31 years of experience, the firm has solidified its well-deserved reputation through its quality, professionalism, and creative solutions. The firm combines the disciplines of design and construction into one firm, offering a one-stop solution to its clients by handling everything from start to finish. As a result, the firm can deliver a smooth and seamless construction experience for its clients while ensuring high-quality projects are delivered on schedule and within budget.

Project by Cooper Design Build

The Raleigh Hills Ranch I Whole House Remodel features a one-story, 2,800-square-foot ranch built in 1969. The bedrooms and bathrooms in the private wing of the house were set up well, but the kitchen, dining, living, and family rooms were dark, cramped, and hard to get around in. The firm updated this home to utilize the space and take advantage of the stunning vistas seen from the area. Its transitional design offers the space a warm, bright, airy feel.

L. Evans Design Group, Inc.

4600 Alder St., West Linn, OR 97068

Mark and Linda Evans started L.Evans Design Group as a company combining interior design and general contracting skills. Since its inception in 2010, the firm has earned many awards for its impressive portfolio that showcases its ability to deliver unique projects that exceed client expectations. The firm is backed by an expert team that has worked together for many years and can offer the proper knowledge and skills to develop unique solutions to complex remodeling and custom home-building problems. Its integrated approach allows it to meticulously oversee the design and management of projects, giving its clients the best results possible for kitchen and bathroom remodels, renovations, and whole house remodels.

Project by L.Evans Design Group Inc.

This 70’s revival stilt home remodeling project won the ORA 2014 Achievement Winner in $250K-$500K. This featured kitchen offers a modern design with open cabinets, quartz countertops, a beige backsplash, a stone slab backsplash, and paneled appliances. The 2″ edge on the countertop gives this considerable kitchen island strength and style.

Olson & Jones Construction

9442 S.W. Barbur Blvd., Portland, OR 97219

Olson & Jones Construction is a general contractor that focuses on residential projects. Since its inception in 1982, the firm has earned an impressive portfolio that features various remodeling and construction projects in Portland and its neighboring areas. Its integrated, personalized, and hands-on approach allows the firm to deliver creative design and building techniques, cost-efficient solutions, and high-quality craftsmanship to its clients. As a result, the firm has built many strong relationships with its stakeholders, ensuring constant communication and collaboration with each party. The firm’s commitment to quality and customer service has earned many high-end homeowners and repeat businesses.

Project by Olson & Jones Construction

This Urban Dwelling features a Mediterranean living room in Portland. It has a Tuscan gray floor, white walls, and a standard fireplace that create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The large windows bring a lot of natural light and breeze.

Roloff Construction, Inc.

4300 N.E. Fremont, Suite #130, Portland, OR 97213

Roloff Construction is a design-and-build company based in the Portland Metro Area. Since its inception in 1999, the firm has won many awards for its high-quality work, further solidifying its reputation as one of the best in the industry. The firm takes an integrated and hands-on approach to every project, allowing its expert team to work closely with clients and ensure that every remodel is exactly what they want. As a result, the firm has delivered every project smoothly, on schedule, and within budget. The firm has earned a lot of satisfied clients through its commitment to providing the best value for its investment.

Project by Roloff Construction

In this featured project, a young couple living in a house from the 1920s asked for a modern take on a vintage kitchen. The firm delivered a new kitchen with a transitional design, complete with a single-bowl sink, green shaker cabinets, marble countertops, white backsplash, and white appliances.

Green Hammer Design Build

721 N.W. 9th Ave., Suite #195, Portland, OR 97209

Green Hammer is a design build firm and certified B-Corp based in Portland, Oregon. Green Hammer creates buildings that promote health and protect the planet. Founded in 2007, the firm’s multidisciplinary team of designers and construction experts are innovators and leaders in creating inspiring, zero energy homes and buildings that create long-term value and positive impact.

Project by Green Hammer Design Build

Green Hammer’s deeply collaborative process results in spaces that engage and delight while evoking a deep connection to the natural world. Green Hammer’s passion for sustainability allows the company to deliver homes, buildings and communities of the highest craft, comfort and performance within the smallest of ecological footprints. As a B Corp Best for the World Honoree and Real Leaders Award winner, Green Hammer believes business can be a force for good.

The O’Toole Whole House Remodel and Addition is one of the firm’s notable projects. From the turn of the century, this farmhouse was a jumble of different renovations that did not fit together well. Green Hammer changed the inside to improve the connections, making it feel like a home. Upgrades to the energy system help cut down on energy use. A garage and excellent landscaping round out this complete renovation.

Hammer & Hand

1020 S.E. Harrison St., Portland, OR 97214

Sam Hagerman and Daniel Thomas founded Hammer & Hand as a remodeling company in 1995. Over the years, the firm has quickly grown and expanded to provide comprehensive services such as residential and commercial construction with various styles such as traditional and modern designs. The firm is committed to giving every project it works on quality, durability, and beauty. Its project development approach gives the architect, general contractor, and client a way to work together to design and build the best answer to the project’s program. The result is a smooth and seamless project delivery that ensures an enjoyable experience for its clients.

Project by Hammer & Hand

The Laurelhurst Tudor Whole House Remodel included updates inside and outside the 1925 Tudor. Hammer & Hand replaced most of the exterior windows, except for a few of the original leaded glass panes. French doors were removed, and entryways were made more prominent to let in more light and make it easier to see around the living areas.

Maughan Design + Remodel

9655 S.W. Sunshine Ct., Suite #500, Beaverton, OR 97005

Since its inception in 1995, Maughan Design + Remodel has delivered exceptional projects that consistently exceeded expectations. The firm’s impressive portfolio, which includes kitchens, bathrooms, additions, and whole-home projects, has won awards over the years. It has a team of talented designers and skilled craftspeople who work together to ensure each client is cared for and happy with the finished projects. Because of this, the company has a long list of healthy clients who keep coming back for their following projects.

Project by Maughan Design + Remodel

This Crisp and Classic Kitchen Remodel includes renovating the kitchen and a half bath. The firm raised the nook ceiling, added skylights, and used custom walnut cabinets to create a new space that reflects the client’s vision. The resulting space is a transitional design that combines both classic and contemporary elements.

IDS Remodeling

2907 S.W. Luradel Ln., Portland, OR 97219

IDS Remodeling is a family-owned business based in Portland, Oregon, that focuses on the remodeling industry. Since its inception in 2004, the firm has stayed true to its core values, emphasizing high-quality work and design. Founded by Darcy DeGiovanni, the firm’s integrated and collaborative approach allows it to deliver personalized, hands-on, and client-centered processes that ensure smooth project delivery. The firm is backed by an expert team committed to improving its clients’ homes and giving the best value for their investments.

Project by IDS Remodeling

The craftsmanship in this 1902 house is stunning. However, the original kitchen was small, inefficient, and disconnected from the rest of the house. The firm removed a wall between the kitchen and dining room, and removing the door to the basement from the kitchen helped them get what they wanted. The new space offers a bright, warm, and airy atmosphere.


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